National Association of Colored Women's Clubs


President's Message

“Embracing Change: Honoring Our Great Legacy Through Restructure and Adaption”

For more than 119 years, the National Association of Colored Women’s Cubs, Inc., has been a leader in igniting and securing the rights of women, children and families. Founded in 1896, we are the oldest women of color organization in the country’s history. The activities and contributions of NACWC, have helped to improve the quality of life for all people, even those in other countries.

Since our inception, we have made significant contributions to uplift and sustain communities in 36 states. Built on the backbone of women like Mary Church Terrell, Margaret Washington, Mary Talbert and Nannie Burroughs, we became and continue to be an important force in our communities. We have supported women suffrage, prohibition and civil rights agendas. The first women’s network in Civil Defense emerged because our organization pushed for the issue in women’s role during the Korean War. We are still powerful women who are current on all issues and remain at the forefront of our struggles.

We align with other organizations in sponsoring programs that have a significant influence in changing lives for the better. We sponsor numerous programs designed to revolutionize and bear fruit for those who find day-to-day living a hardship and struggle. Our timeline is eternal. Our challenges are enduring. Our achivements everlasting and our beauty is ageless.

As we look back on our history and reflect our accomplishments, we look with pride toward our youth and their activism. Their energy and passion have heralded us to embrace and acknowledge the digital age. It is imperative we stay abreast of the ever changing technololgy to help us in our effort to combat change.

NACWC is composed of five regions with 245 paid and active Clubss. We have college chapters who engender the philosophy of cultivating the communities through service and action. The organization through its regional, state and local membership have provided millions of dollars in scholarships to promote literacy and the value of education.

As we continue our journey to advance moral, economic, social and religious welfare of all families, we urge you to become a part of the voyage. And yes, before you ask, men can make the trek as well. Check out our website, browse the various memberships, and read all About Us. You’ll find NACWC is a vehicle fully and cyberally equipped organization ready for an excursion into the next century.


Evelyn Rising
28th National President