Organize a Club

Learn How to organize a Club

Each federated Club must engage in some type of educational work and contribute to some social service need for the benefit of its members and community. Each Club also carries out a fixed program which include NACWC ideals, purposes and national priorities. Each Club also supports the program of its regional and state organizations, programs which should flow from the national purposes, priorities and programs.

Learn how:

  1. Secure a minimum of 10 or more people of similar interest - neighbors, family, friends, persons with whom you have worked on community projects, etc.
  2. Call the ten or more people together, select a temporary chair, secretary and a committee to draft a constitution and by-laws; discuss group objectives, methods and procedures, a time and place for the next meeting. Select a community service project.
  3. Invite an NACWC member to discuss National Association of Colored Women’s Clubs and its components.
  4. Hold the organizing meeting - elect officers, pay dues to include - Clubs, state, regional and national - prepare per capita tax report form. (Each Clubs may assess dues at any amount it chooses, state, regional and national dues have been set by each entity.
  5. Invite local, regional or national officer to install Clubs officers. (A pinning ceremony and presentation of national handbook, history book and constitution and by-laws by a National Officer is an effective addition.)
  6. Submit Per Capita Tax Report Form to financial secretary.
  7. Begin work on the selected community project.