Programs and Scholarships

Programs and Sponsorships

NACWC Youth Clubs. The National Association of Girls organized by Sallie Stewart in 1930 and the National Association of Boys organized by Otelia Campion in 1983 were established in order bring educate youth and familiarize them with the responsibilities of service, ideals of self-empowerment and the mission agenda of NACWC that is dedicated to uplifting communities of color and promoting racial harmony among all people. Throughout the United States boys and girls clubs exist under the umbrella of NACWC’s standard federated clubs. These members of these standard clubs mentor youth focusing on their educational needs, social and familial needs in preparation for taking their place in society. For information about youth clubs in your area contact: Eva Owens -

NACWC Young Adult Department. The goal of the National Association’s Young Adult Department is to mentor young women destined for leadership at all levels. This is done through two ways: University and College Campus Service Clubs organized by young women interested in supporting the ideals, goals and mission of the National Association and young adults between the ages of 18 and 35 accepted into membership of NACWC standard federated clubs. For more information contact: Ms. Toni Teixiera – or NACWC National Headquarters.

NACWC Grandparents Academy. The Grandparents Academy is an intergenerational mentorship, education and tutoring initiative. The brainchild of NACWC club woman Rubye Hall the program charters and provides seed money for academies established according to the program guidelines. These guidelines included the installation of a community board of directors. The Grandparents Academy program has been featured in articles published by Ebony magazine. Funding contributions supporting the Grandparents Academy program are welcomed and can be sent to NACWC National Headquarters.

NACWC/Taladega College Partnership. The partnership between Taladega College, the oldest historically black college in Alabama and the National Association provides a college tuition and expense free college education for one girl and one boy high school graduate whose families are not able to provide a college education for them and who are members of the NACWC Youth Clubs. Financial support for this partnership is funded through the Power of the Purse silent auction held at NACWC Biennial conventions and through private donations.

NACWC Standard Federated Club Initiates. The National Association’s standard federated clubs support the NACWC’s mission agenda and have independent mission agendas of their own based upon the communities they serve throughout the United States. For information about clubs in your community contact: NACWC National Headquarters.

Scholarships. The National Association of Color Women’s Clubs, its region and state associations, its standard federated clubs and its individuals members are responsible for 120 years of scholarship money support to hundreds of thousands African American high school graduates and college attendees throughout the United States. NACWC’s oldest education funding program is Hallie Q. Brown Scholarship Fund. This fund began provide scholarship money to young people in 1904. The fund is sustained through the assessment of the NACWC membership.

In addition to the Hallie Q. Brown Scholarship Fund there is the also the Patricia Fletcher Scholarship Fund and numerous other college funding sources offered through the National Association’s network of clubs. Private contributions from individuals, corporations and other funding sources are accepted. For information about scholarships offered at that national, region, state, local levels of the organization contact staff at NACWC Headquarters.