National Association of Colored Women's Clubs


Our Educational Programs

Hallie Q. Brown Scholarship
This scholarship is given biennially to students recommended by a member of NACWC educational committee.

NACWC/Talladega College Education Partnership
A boy and girl graduate from the National Association of Youth Clubss are eligible for a full scholarship at Talladega College annually.

GrandParents Academy
The National Association of Colored Women's Clubss, Inc. is providing opportunities through sharing recreational, cultural and educational activities. These activities encourage positive relationships through an intergenerational structure of the Grandparents Academy that is scheduled to operate in twenty states across the United States.

Each member will develop leadership skills and focus self-esteem health, housing, education, legislation, employment and family values. Rubye M. Hall was the Director of the program. Ms. Janice Hall is the Director.

Aids Awareness and Prevention
The NACWC established the Aids Program to promote the education of women, men and youth in the prevention of Aids.

International Projects
In partnership with Africare/Senegal, the NACWC Outreach Program provide partical project funding for the Mandangry WOLOR Maternity Health Center Project. It guaranteed imposed and efficient management of the village maternity health care center. The construction of the maternity health center and mid-wives' lodging was completed in early April 1995.