National Association of Colored Women's Clubs


Our Programs

Educational Programs
The National Association of Colored Women's Clubss, Inc. provides opportunities through sharing recreational, cultural and educational activities. NACWC sponsors several educational programs including the Hallie Q. Brown Scholarship, Aids Awareness and Prevention, International Projects, Frederick Douglass Essay Contest, and the Gertrude Johnson Williams Oratorical.

Youth Department
The National Association of Youth Clubss was formerly known as The National Association of Girls Clubss and National Association of Boys Clubss. The Youth Department is operated under the leadership of the Fifth Vice President and National Supervisor, who is a member of the National Association of Colored Women's Clubss, Inc. and Male Advisors to the boys. Adult Clubss are urged to sponsor youth Clubss.

Young Adults
The Young Adult Department is composed of youth 18 - 35 years of age. It provides a forum to define leadership roles and responsibilities and to develop and nurture leadership qualities and styles. Under the general guidance of an appointed adult member, the National 4th Vice President oversees innovative methods for clarifying NACWC's vision among this age group. College chapters and young professionals explore opportunities to flex creative minds and servant/leader values.

Grandparents Academy

The Ruby Hibler Hall Grandparents Acadamey is an intergenerational mentoring program that matches youth with adult mentors in order to promote the development of that "special" relationship often shared b children and their grandparents. Mentors volunteer their time to provide guidance and encouragement in a one-on-one partnership with a protege to assure their connection with resouces for saferanad healthier living.

The Academy was designed to stimulate the educational, intellectual, physical and emotional aspects of the lives of all its participants.

Mentors influence their proteges development in three important ways: